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Questions to ask before planning your new kitchen

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Planning your new kitchen should be an exciting experience. At Moulton Kitchens, we like to let you focus on the fun decisions and plans, whilst we handle as much of the planning and practicality as possible however it can be incredibly hard to know where to begin when deciding on updating your space.

We’ve put together a few questions here, which we recommend our customers think about, and we hope they help you when taking your first steps into dream kitchen planning!

Shelford Silk in Graphite

What do I want from my space?

This is a really important question to consider – what do I want from my space?

Consider how you use your current kitchen; what do you like and dislike about it?

Do you want a space that is purely practical, to ensure meal times are as stress-free as possible – or do you prefer the idea of a more sociable space, for gatherings and socialising?

At Moulton Kitchens, we’re keen to consider these aspects in order to create your dream design, that will maximise your kitchen space and simplify how you use it.

Wimbourne in Highland Stone

What is on my wishlist?

What would you absolutely love to have in your kitchen? This might be a colour palette you are set on, or a metallic element that you want to pull throughout the kitchen design.

Are there certain appliances that you have always dreamt of? A Range cooker, or perhaps all integrated appliances for a seamless look?

Whether you have a few things in mind already, or not, we will work with you to ensure you achieve the look and function you dream of.

Pinterest is a fantastic place to start for inspiration – we regularly update ours with real kitchen installations; you can get inspired here.

The Hathaway

What is a realistic budget for my dream kitchen?

With all things – there may be the need to compromise when discussing your new kitchen – but consider what are your 'must-haves' versus your 'would-love' features?

Consider budget – what is your budget? Many people are aware of what a high quality kitchen will cost in 2022, but have you considered specialist work such as flooring, plastering, decoration and building work might cost, too?

Setting a realistic budget for your project will help considerably when making purchasing or design decisions during the process. At Moulton Kitchens, our project costs range anywhere from £20k up to £70k depending on the size and scale of your plans. Once we have completed your initial designs, we can give you a detailed break down of all costs. We believe that being completely upfront with costs is very important to us and our customers. Generally, within two design visits you will be in a position to make a fully informed decision regarding the purchase of your new kitchen.

Find out more about our finance options here.

Hampton in Highland Stone

Thoughts on layout?

Consider your space, and perhaps any inspiration images you may have seen via Pinterest or Instagram – is there a particular layout you really love the idea of incorporating?

U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens tend to be quite popular with keen chefs, as you can create a practical area that still caters to social gatherings.

Perhaps you’d love to create an open plan space to establish a beautiful flow into the rest of your living space?

Maybe you have your heart set on an island?

Wimbourne in Graphite & Heritage Grey

What are the practicalities to consider?

Moving plumbing and electrics will result in a larger bill due to the labour involved, so if the existing layout works for you and you are on a budget, it may be worth considering leaving it as it is.

If the kitchen is used as a multi-functional space or is open-plan, noise should be considered, making it important to choose appliances that aren’t going to be too loud. If space in the home allows, the ideal solution here is to add a utility room, confining any noisy appliances to this area.

Ventilation is also an important consideration, particularly if considering an open-plan layout, as cooking odours may affect soft furnishings.

Wimbourne in Heritage Grey

Do you need planning permission?

Are you planning to extend your space? Whether you require planning permission or not will depend on the size, position and extent of your extension.

If you’re planning a rear extension to make room for your new kitchen, then your project may be covered by Permitted Development Rights on your property, which will mean that you won’t need Planning Permission.

You can get advice on these matters from your local council planning office.

Our talented Designers are very experienced in working off plan, and we can also bring a wealth of specialists to cover many aspects, including structural alterations, plumbing, electrics, plastering, flooring and decoration needs.

Solva in Coastal Mist

What colour palette would I like?

This is a fairly divisive question as many of our customers make this decision at the very end of their process with us, however some have decided this before they arrive.

It’s absolutely worth giving thought to the colour palette you’d like to use in your new kitchen. Are you keen to have a statement colour? Larger rooms tend to be able to handle bold colour choices, though this is not a solid rule!

Given that a new kitchen is quite a commitment, it’s important to give your colours some thought, to consider how these colours will work if you are opting for something open-plan and how that will flow through the rest of your home.

At Moulton Kitchens we stagger these decisions so that you can gradually build your design working with us. Your kitchen designer remains in contact and available to you from your first visit until the final sign off of your new kitchen. This ensures that you have a point of contact for all decisions throughout the project and continuity to your design and installation.

Hampton in Vintage Rose

How about the details?

Again, some of our customers make these decisions toward the end of their kitchen process, however, it can be great to have some ideas beforehand about the details in your new kitchen, worktops, door handles, flooring, splashbacks or tiles, sinks and taps.

If you’ve selected a colour palette with a metallic choice in mind, you may wish to ensure any handles and taps also correspond for a seamless look.

At Moulton Kitchens your designer will work with you to develop your ideas from initial designs through to completed project. We have a wealth of resources designed to help you along the way. Our social media pages, Pinterest and website are all regularly updated with images of recently completed projects and products that will inspire you.

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