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Introducing Masterclass Kitchens

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

April usually signifies the start of a new year for our industry. New products are often introduced to market in April and May having been tested and showcased at our bi-annual industry showcase in Birmingham in March. It is always an exciting time. We are often as energised as our customers about the latest colours, features and trends unveiled by our suppliers. As a designer, I am always keen to engage with this process and am lucky enough to have an extremely positive relationship with our main furniture manufacturer, Masterclass Kitchens.

We are sometimes asked ‘are you Moulton Kitchens or Masterclass Kitchens?’ – We are Moulton Kitchens, locally established in 2015 and proudly working exclusively with Masterclass to bring our designs to life.

Masterclass were established in 1975 and have grown steadily year on year. Our relationship with Masterclass is determined by choice rather than necessity or obligation. We are not a franchise, we are proudly independent. We are a small, local business and always will be.

So why did we choose to work with Masterclass? It simply came down to the fact that we love their products and ethos around product development. Our relationship with Masterclass is symbiotic. We listen to each other, which benefits us both and more importantly our customers. New products, colours and ranges are generally launched twice yearly, not huge budget busting overhauls, more tweaks, improvements and additions to existing products based on feedback and experience.

Our kitchens are individually designed by us and made by Masterclass for each and every customer. Their range of products and styles ensures that we have the tools available to us to deliver a design that achieves your requirements, both in terms of form, function and budget.

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