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Beams & Blue

Traditional Shaker Style; Hardwick in Highland Stone and Oxford Blue. 


As part of a complete home renovation, we worked alongside our customers existing builders to design and install this beautiful farmhouse style kitchen. 


Often, existing features such as beams can be seen as obstacles when designing a new space. However, it was important to utilise and highlight these features to keep the character of the building within the new kitchen. Building a false chimney has not only created a new feature to frame and draw the eye to the Rangemaster oven, but it's placement also creates a focal point at the end of the gorgeous beam. Matched by the beautiful oak mantle and open shelving throughout.

Another interesting discussion throughout the design process was whether to keep the aperture for previously external window (which now leads in to a stunning Orangery). We often like to explore all the options and show our customers what would be possible either way as there are always pros and cons. In the end, it was decided that the aperture would be kept in order to let more light in to the kitchen, whilst also creating another unique element to the space. 

A domino hob is a fantastic addition to this large island. Facing the room (rather than the wall) while cooking is something lots of customers would like, but with a range oven this can be very tricky to achieve. So, an additional smaller hob on the island is a great way to have the best of both without adding huge expense!

The island itself is great for storage, worktop space, and breakfast bar seating. It also brings an opportunity to add a splash of colour to the room without being overpowering. It can be daunting to commit to a darker colour, such as the Oxford Blue, and so using it as a contrast on an island is a good way of using colour in a subtle way while keeping the rest of the room light.

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