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Perfect Peninsula

H-Line Handleless; Sutton Silk Scots Grey with Ligna Mayfield Oak.

Not all customers wish to undertake structural alterations in their home, you may simply want a fresh design for your existing space.


We love to work alongside our customers to create a kitchen that is tailored to their individual needs both practically and aesthetically. It might be that you need better storage, or more useful worktop space, or you would like to make the room more of a sociable space. Whatever it is, we will work together to show you the possibilities. 

An island is often at the top of people's wishlists, however it is not always possible to fit one in an existing space. The perfect solution to this can be to add a peninsula instead! Peninsula's have all of the same benefits as islands, without taking up as much space in the room. 



Worktop space 

Breakfast Bar

Visual feature

Sociable space   

This design also demonstrates perfectly how to add a pop of colour using accessories and a splash of paint! It can be difficult deciding which door colours to go for when designing your new kitchen, especially as you are going to have to look at it for many years to come. So, this customer chose to go for a classic combination of Scots Grey with Mayfield Oak and used furniture and a feature wall to make this room really stand out. This way, if your taste changes a few years down the line, these things can be easily changed and give the whole look a refresh!

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