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Kitchen Details

A beautiful kitchen is made up of lots of little details.


It can get overwhelming making all of these important decisions! That is why we like to do everything in stages until finally it all comes together perfectly. First, nail down your layout - the practical part! Then, choose your door style and colour(s), followed by your worktops. Lastly, bring it all together with the details such as sinks, taps and handles.


We have complied an assortment of our most loved 'details' to help you choose what's best for you.



Whether you go for traditional, modern, or somewhere in between - it is important to know what kind of aesthetic you would like to achieve in your new space. Let us inspire you with some of our projects...

Budget guidance - £7,000 - £20,000


Aside from the style of the furniture, your worktop choice can really change the overall look of a finished kitchen. Quartz is the most popular material for our customers and it is no wonder with the vast range of colours and styles available! From strong marbling to industrial concrete, take a look at some of our favourites...

Budget guidance - £3,000 -£7,000



With so many variations and brands out there, appliances can be an intimidating thought! Often influenced by your choice of kitchen style and design, we can show you the options and guide you depending on your budget.

Budget guidance - £0 - £10,000


Often, it's the little details that add up to make a big difference in your design. From handles to shelving to lighting, we've got it covered...

Budget guidance - £250 - £2,000

Madoc Urban Suede & Sutton Highland Stone_edited.jpg
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